Anthony Wayne Fitness has personal training, doubles training, and small group training, to offer members who are looking for additional guidance and extra motivation. We feature the areas top fitness trainers and instructors who can help you take your program to the next level ensuring your results much quicker than working out alone. If you desire more one on one attention then personal training is for you. Our fitness trainers will develop a routine based on your goals, abilities, limitations and target areas using many different dynamic activities and exercises becoming more engaged and involved in your routine. If you and a friend or spouse want to support each other and workout together with a trainer then doubles training is what you are looking for. If you want something in between personal training and group classes then you may want to try small group training. Small group training is for groups of 3+ people so you have an energetic and competitive environment but it is still a little personal since it is smaller than a class setting. Small groups are forming all the time or start your own with your friends at a time that is convenient for all of you. As you can tell we have a comprehensive offering to keep you reaching your goals all while keeping it fun, enjoyable, motivational, and most of all affordable. Call or stop by today!